Burton Theater at Maritz, Inc.

The new Extron XTP Crosspoint

Matrix Switcher was installed in the Burton Theater at Maritz Inc.  This

fully integrated hardware platform allows them to route source content

to any number of display destinations within the theater.

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Executive Board Rooms, distributed video, digital signage


Hunter Engineering - St. Louis
Conference Rooms


One of the custom conference / training room Modern Communications installed was for Hunter Engineering.


Within 2 years, we have updated every conference room, training room, and customer lounge in their St. Louis headquarters and 2 plants

in Mississippi.


​Swank Motion Pictures - St. Louis

Media Transcoding System


Modern Communications, design and installed a media transcoding system for Swank Motion Pictures.


The system included 2 media transcoding racks in different areas

of the building. These racks were interconnected with HDMI routing to 16 viewing monitors on the walls through the office areas.


There was also 2 QC rooms with 1080p monitors, and 5.1 sound to review their transcoded files.


​Missouri Botancial Gardens 

The system was designed to use new AV technologies to enhance and draw visitors to the exhibit floor and create a relaxed environment that gave patrons of all ages a different prospective to living a green, environmentally, friendly way of life.

Within the exhibits are multiple stations that consist of:

  • Green Screen Station where visitors can take a bike ride thru the gardens or walk down a path without ever leaving the building.

  • Kiosk Stations featuring flat panel technology displaying cartoons showing many of the environmental resources that can be used to the live the green life and conserve these resources for generations to come.

  • Main Projection system running slides and videos on reaching and maintaining a Green Life.

Modern Communications, Inc chose Extron’s IPLink products connected to a switch and controlled by opening a web page and utilizing a touch panel.


​BooCat Club - St. Louis

This building was built as the Artists’ Guild in 1907 for a place to view art work. The building has went through many changes over the years including many years of vacancy.

Now it is the newest event and theater place to visit.


We were asked for ideals to fill three

event space's and a  theater with sound, and to keep it nearly invisible, blending in with the decor.


We designed a system using one

TOA DSP-2000 as the main brain and routing for audio through out all four event areas. The design can be control from remote wall plates and with a mixer in the theater. These areas can be ran independently or combined upstairs and down for one big performance.


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